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Powder Coating or Wet Paint- Which is the Best for Aluminium Windows?

powder coating for windows

Surface finishing is a vital part of using reactive metals as doors and windows. When they are unprotected, the metals will react with oxygen to form rust. This shows the colorful exteriors aren't just for decoration, but they are a barrier that helps prevent corrosion. Generally, people use wet paint or powder coating in Sharjah. Although both materials offer similar functions, they come with their advantages and drawbacks. Thus, it is essential that you consider everything before deciding the right option for you.

To begin with, you can consider contacting aluminium doors and windows manufacturers in UAE to find about the right type of coating for your door or window. Or better you can contact them to get a pre-finished window or door. Decent Aluminium and Glass Works is a reputable company that can offer you quality powder coating in Sharjah. They are among the best glass and aluminium companies in UAE that deliver high-quality services at a fair rate. With them, you can stay assured to get the best. Also, they offer numerous Savio aluminium accessories in Sharjah which can efficiently fit your requirement.

However, first, you need to decide the type of coating you want. So here is a guide to help you through.

What is powder coating?

In the powder coating process, a dry powder is used on the metal exterior. The coating is done with the help of a gun which gives the powder a negative charge that helps attract to the grounded part. After desired thickness is achieved, the piece is put in a curing oven for the final finish.

powder coating in Sharjah


What is wet paint?

The liquid paint is dispensed through a fine frame. The coating is done by highly trained experts who avoid any slips and drips. There are some pains which are air-dried by the others are placed in the curing oven to attain the final finish.

powder coating for windows


Powder coating Vs. wet paint

Before you contact glass and aluminium companies in UAE for the coating, you must choose the best option. So here is a difference between both the available choices to guide you.

  • Texture

The appearance of the finished paint is essential as the performance. It can be attained with both wet paint and powder coating. However, for this, you must contact a good glass installation company. When it comes to specific texture finishes, powder coats are easier to work with. They are more natural and look smoother. Although it is easy to attain a high gloss finish using powder coating, liquid paint makes it much easier.


  • Color matching

Powder coating comes with numerous advantages. But it is liquid paint that wins in color difference. The colors of wet paint can be mixed with precision to develop a new paint color.  Powder coats, on the other side, require special production to develop a specific color. It is because of the difficulty to match the color properly powder coating in Sharjah is produced in large batches. It is possible to get custom orders, but it will be expensive and time-consuming as you will have to contact aluminium doors and windows manufacturers in UAE.


  • Performance

A coating is done to protect the metal surfaces from environmental damage. If the coating chips or scratches, it will fail to offer effective protection. The powder coating offers better performance than wet paints as they are more resistant to scratching and chipping. Also, as they are applied in thick layers, the performance of powder coating is the best for outdoor areas. Besides the physical toughness, the powder coating also provides great color attention. This thus helps get optimum performance with a great look. However, to go for powder coating in Sharjah, you must call a highly qualified professional.


  • Health and safety

When compared to liquid paints, powder coating is not only durable but also safe. The liquid paints are dangerous in numerous ways as they can be inflammable and can lead to a chemical fire. Also, there are volatile organic compounds in wet paints, a major source of industrial pollution. Powder coating has no fluids to evaporate. Thus, they are completely safe for usage. There is no risk associated with their use which makes them the best choice.



With the difference, it is clear why powder coating in Sharjah is a highly preferable option. They are not only durable, safe but also offer a great look. So, to protect your aluminum doors and windows from corrosion, contact reputable glass and aluminium Companies in UAE to get their adequate help and assistance. Decent Aluminium and Glass Works is the best who can offer you fair-priced services. They also have the best Savio aluminium accessories in Sharjah to fit your requirement. You can rely on the experts to offer you the most efficient services whenever required. They have skilled and experienced professionals who can efficiently offer powder coating in Sharjah to ensure your doors and windows stay safe from environmental factors. So do not wait and contact the company to get the most efficient services at a fair price.