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Ways Tinted Glass Windows Protect You and Your Home

In recent years, the use of Window tinted glass has increased significantly. Thus, leading to an increase in the number of tinted glass suppliers and manufacturers in UAE.


Do you not know what tinted window glasses are used for? A window tint glass offers several benefits. From blocking the sun to give some privacy, glass is the right choice for homes with large windows. However, it is essential that one knows about the types of window tints available and their usage to choose the best one for their home.

Tinted glass suppliers

So, if you are convinced and want to get some privacy at home, make sure to connect with tinted glass suppliers or glass installation company to get the best-tinted window glass for your home.  However, there are several companies that can easily scam you, so better stay alert. While if you wish to connect with a reliable glassinstallation company, then better connect with Decent Aluminium and Glass Works. The company for years has offered reliable and top-class advice and installation of tinted glasses. Whether you are looking for sliding window installation in UAE or aluminum doors and windows, the company can offer you all at a completely fair price.

Now that we know which company is the right one for the installation purpose let's check out the types of window tints and their usage.


Different types of window tints and their usage

Check out the types of tints to know which one is the right one for your home.

  1. Solar control film

In case you reside in an extremely sunny area, then a sunblocking tint is a right option for you. The solar control films are known to reduce glare preventing the interior furniture from fading. Further, it also helps cut down the energy bill meaning you can enjoy more natural light while staying protected from the harmful rays of the Sun. So better connect with tinted glass suppliers today and get their installation done professionally.


  1. Glare control window film

We all have faced a situation where the sunlight makes it impossible for us to see the screen. Thus, this window film is the right choice for homes as it lets enjoy electronic devices without the sun getting in the way.


  1. Mirror film

Mirror films for windows are available in two options- two-way and one-way. However, generally, a one-way mirror option is preferred for homes as you can enjoy the light coming inside while preventing people from outside from taking a look. Thus, this makes it the best option for privacy, especially when you have large windows or doors at home.  So, don't wait and connect with glass and aluminum companies in UAE and let them deliver to you the right size of tinted glass you need for your door or Windows.


  1. Decorative film

This window tint is made using dyes, making it the most inexpensive tint for homes. The film gets its color from melting and stretching the window tint. However, you must know they are the thinnest type of window tints and do not prevent UV rays from entering, but they do offer good privacy. 

Further, the decorative films are available in many designs, patterns, and colors, making it a great way to incorporate new design elements into the home. However, for this, you need to connect with a good tinted glass supplier or manufacturer in UAE.


  1. Security film

In case you are looking for a way to prevent storm damage while keeping away the intruders, installing a security film is the right option. As they are colorless, they don't absorb or reflect too much heat. But during storms when your windows shatter, the security film decreases the large crack's damage, ensuring your windows hold out for longer.

This means that it won't be easy for the intruders to look inside your home, which is quite important when you have large windows for valuable at home.


  1. Ceramic film

Ceramics film is considered the most expensive option as it doesn't contain any metal, dyes, or Carbon. As the name suggests, it is made using microscopic ceramic particles, ensuring the tint is non-reflective and non-conductive.  They are known to cut up to 99% of UV rays. Further, they are also durable and offer glare and fade resistance. So, connect with thermal break suppliers in UAE to find the perfect fit for your home.


  1. Metalized film

Instead of dye, these tints are manufactured using metals like aluminum, copper, and nickel to protect against the sun. They can effectively deflect the external heat during the summers while maintain the temperature during winters. Thus,helps save good amount on your energy bills around the year.  However, to get s metalized film, you will have to connect with glass and aluminum companies in UAE or top tinted glasssuppliers to ensure you get the right size for your home.



Home tinting offers some benefits that can easily elevate the appeal of the home. However, choosing the right tint is the key to ensure you get the most benefit from it. Therefore, while deciding, make sure to consider where you live, the purpose of the tint, and if you wish to regulate the home temperature.  In case you are not sure, you can connect with the best-tinted glass suppliers in Dubai to get the right guidance. Better contact Decent Aluminium and Glass Works as they can offer you the best sliding window installation in UAE. Further, they have got several aluminum doors and windows to choose from. Thus,this makes them the best thermal break suppliers in UAE.