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About Us

About Us

We are one of the leading suppliers of Aluminum and glass works in UAE. Decent Aluminum& Glass TR CO. L.L.C was founded in 2006 in U.A.E by a team of highly qualified leaders of Engineers, Consultants, Designers, Accountants, Forman,and Workers, who came with vast experience in all kinds of aluminum and glass work Dubai.

The range of our experience has included from simple windows and doors to the very sophisticated Curtain Wall solution. Decent Aluminum& Glass TR CO. L.L.C is also a leading name in curtain wall suppliers in the UAE in the present time. We are specialized in all forms of glass cutting, polishing, sand blowing, glass beveling, double glass partitioning, glass and installations. We are specialists in Aluminum and glass work, Aluminum windows of all styles, doors, facing shops, glass works, staircase, fan, curtain walls, cladding, sky light, glazing etc. We deliver excellent quality services to our reputed clients.

Decent Aluminum & Glass TR CO. L.L.C is also engaged with powder coating. We are one of the reputed companies who does powder coating in Sharjah. The Chief Paybacks of Powder Coating Aluminum Extrusions is that: it provides you a range of excellent and beautiful color options. While comparing with the liquid paint power coating is more environmental friendly. It bonds with the aluminum well because he powder coating is very dense and as a result it does not blemish or crust easily.

We deal with all sorts of customers, for example:

Commercial : Broad and reputable brands
Institutions : Universities, schools , hospitals, etc.
Smaller firms : shops, restaurant, small offices
Residential : Residences and villas

Since 2006, we have been in service and have collaborated with a large number of architects, consultants and contractors during this term in the reputation of aluminum and glass work Dubai.

We are proud to be one of the most well-known suppliers of aluminum fabricators, glass work, powder coating and curtain walls with prestigious initiatives in and around the UAE. We have a dedicated team of very talented people who work very hard to achieve our success. We have a passion to innovate and surpass the standards of quality which is why Decent Aluminum& Glass TR CO. L.L.C has made a leap forward in the industry over these few years, with the assurance that this will remain forever.

Our good and solid reputation was founded on our ability to provide our long list of leading clients with only extraordinaire services. It is therefore no surprise that we have become one of the top aluminum fabrication companies, glass work and curtain wall suppliers in the UAE with our unrelenting dedication to achieving and sustaining the highest quality standards.

We are engaged with powder coating which can preserve it’s finishing up to 15 to 20 years. The lasting of coating depends upon pre-terminate and the quality of powder. Powder coating is the procedure of spraying electrostatically charged paint into the surface extrusions. It is the dry paint application based on electrostatic principle. Decent Aluminum& Glass TR CO. L.L.C powder coating in Sharjah. The major benefits of powder coating is the durability, weather resistance, corrosion resistance and that it does not require a solvent. Many materials are apt to do powder coating like glass, aluminum, metal, wood and plastic. It can be applied to furniture, vehicles, appliances and many offshore structures.

We are a renowned supplier of aluminum and glass works in Dubaialong with curtain walls in the industry, among contractors and consultants.

With the assistance of our highly trained engineers, managers and supervisors, who have received the highest international level of training, our factory comes completely equipped with the latest technology and equipment, including CNC machines and other sophisticated tooling machines to implement and complete any major project on time.

We are able to carry out very large projects that fulfill any need and complete them well on time and budget. We have a diverse range of glass panels and curtain walls, which helps us to recommend what is perfect for your project's design and budget which made us the unsurpassed aluminum and glass work in Dubai.We make recommendations, sales, service and quality glass windows installation.

Many buildings, hotels, resorts, retail, commercial buildings, banks, airport open-air zone buildings, display rooms, luxury villas, warehouses, and more have been constructed and executed by our team. We have a good reputation among contractors and consultants and are one of the industry's premium companies with large workforce throughout UAE.