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Aluminium Façade systems

Throughout many buildings, aluminum façade systems can be used. For heat management, solar control or ventilation of buildings, most architects use facade systems.

The façades of aluminum are very common in modern architecture for their different applications. They are an excellent tool to shape contemporary architecture and to execute the brave designs of designers.

Mullion transmission systems are the most common of these products. Decent Aluminium& Glass TR CO. L.L.C façade solutions also provide a variety of products, including a range of individual solutions, of different styles and looks throughout the UAE.

Decent Aluminium& Glass TR CO. L.L.C is one of the leading suppliers of aluminium fabrication in Sharjah and Dubai.

Advantages of Aluminium Façade systems

The use of aluminum over other metals provides many advantages in architectural cladding. It is always important to look at every possible advantage of metal when designing and constructing buildings. We have identified some of aluminum's most significant material properties.

Lightweight :

Aluminum facade systems are easier to build than other metals. This is because aluminum is a very light metal weighing a third of the weight of the steel. In building the exterior, aluminum saves costs and is easy to add.

Weatherproof and corrosion resistant :

: Aluminum is filled with oxide, which naturally protects the metal from corrosion and other effects on the atmosphere. Therefore, having aluminum is a benefit for the construction. For many decades aluminum is going to last.

Aluminum is highly versatile :

Aluminum is the metal choice if you are looking for a lightweight metal. It's very flexible and quick to bend. For this purpose, we are able to easily supply any customized aluminum façade device.

The fast recycling of aluminum :

The metal that is easy to recycle without sacrificing consistency is all the metals aluminum. Recycling requires very little energy without loss of efficiency.

As a well known and well-established supplier of glass and aluminum fabrication, we offer our expertise in aluminum fabrication in UAE.