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Aluminium cladding is very popular as it is one of the sustainable solutions which helps a facade last for a long time. Aluminium is one of the world's most used metals and in 2005, the total aluminium production worldwide was about 31.9 million tons! This exceeds all metals other than iron and steel that we use. Stainless steel, zinc , copper and titanium are also common cladding metals. Both metals have their own special advantages for construction and buildings.

To satisfy architectural specifications we ensure high quality design and flexibility. Our team comprises engineers, designers and project managers who enable us to supply new designs from the outset and provide complete work drawings. This has made us a prominent supplier of aluminium cladding in UAE. Along with aluminium cladding, we are also a leading supplier for aluminium sheets, savio aluminium accessories, and powder coating in Sharjah Performance is an indissoluble part of all Decent Aluminium & Glass TR CO. L.L.C activities. We are responsible and make sure all our products are of high-quality, personalized, and economically viable.

The management and all our professional workers are committed to introduce an integrated and systematic quality. All our installation methods are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 compliant and follow international quality standards.

We are responsible and time-consuming, high-quality, personalized and economically viable goods. Management and personnel are committed to introducing an integrated and systematic quality The method of management is in compliance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 International Quality Standards.

Vortex Series

Any mechanical components can suffer from high water or liquid flow rate. It can produce cavitation leading to efficiency loss. The anti vortex plate is very powerful to avoid this. To eliminate whirlpools within tanks and to ensure that the suction pump operates at its optimum performance, the vortex is fitted with the induction port of the pump inlet to reduce the air trap to create cavitation. This facilitates the optimal decline of the surface level of the fluid and guarantees the highest flow rate of transmission.

Depending on the flow rate of the liquid, Anti vortex is available in various sizes. We are now a leading supplier of vortex in UAE with the help of our quality products.