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Doors and Windows

Decent Aluminium& Glass TR CO. L.L.C believes the comprehensive nature of the services that we deliver to our clients is our strength. The key words of the organization are personally adapted and one-stop packages: Personal Service, a concept that we aim to uphold in all aspects of our business without compromising on the quality. We are committed to a quality policy that guarantees that all products and services always comply entirely with customer requirements.

We have a full service like competent installation and are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of aluminum doors and windows in UAE. Aluminum doors have become one of the most common options for homeowners and architects of all sorts of buildings because they offer various advantages and their value for money.

The different aluminum profiles and systems also provide a great deal for designers and innovative architects, such as sliding windows, fixed panel windows, projected fenced windows, arched or round windows, double glazed fenced windows, cottage pane fencing and other custom designs (thermal and non-thermal brake systems).

Features of our aluminium doors and windows are:

  • Easy operation and maintenance.
  • Different powder-coated paints or wood look coatings available in anodized finish.
  • A wide variety of glass choices can be fitted with – including various features, thickness and colours.
  • up to very large sizes.
  • Different innovative styles including folding, sliding and door rotation.
  • Long service life, high efficiency.
  • Corrosion immune, distortion and other adverse environmental effects.
  • Well isolated from sound and poor weather.
  • Users can repair most aluminum doors if necessary.
  • They may have different safety features: sturdy, fireproof and bulletproof.

Rolling shutter doors are widely used for garages, godowns, show windows for shops, etc., because they are very powerful and provide adequate protection. The door shutter functions as a curtain, providing sufficient protection from theft and burning. This door is sturdy enough and provides adequate protection when it is closed. Decent Aluminium& Glass TR CO. L.L.C is now one of the leading suppliers of rolling shutter doors in the UAE with our quality offering.

We have supplied our valued customers with state-of-the-art automation, built to suit each and every individual requirement, so that you can be assured that we take care of the quality of our goods while shipping from Decent Aluminium& Glass TR CO. L.L.C Automatic doors, with a variety of automation that fits both traditional and modern environments, that your automation will be ensured. We are a big brand as a supplier of automatic doors in UAE.

In areas of restricted space that can not accommodate a window sash inside or outside such as kitchen or bathroom, aluminum sliding windows are indeed helpful. Easy to maintain and operate these horizontal glass sliding windows, which require little effort to optimize durability.

Decent Aluminium& Glass TR CO. L.L.C sliding windows are available in a variety of shades and glass options to solve the unique needs of our clients. And the cleaner minimalist style gives it a homey feel in both traditional and modern spaces without ugly drains, screws or rivets. Our products have very high quality insulation, thermal insulation, wind resistance, air tension, water tightness, meteorological resistance, anti theft, etc. We offer a wide range of sliding windows installation service throughout the UAE with an affordable price.

The thermal break is a continuous barrier between the inside and outside of the window frames to conduct thermal energy loss. The barrier binds the metal frames in and out of the window sash. Our manufacturers designed thermal breaks to create extremely high-quality aluminum profiles in the wood, polished, anodized, sublimated and powdered. We are a leading thermal break supplier in the UAE region. Our company only keeps premium brands, and supplies it with pace and performance. Only by fulfilling the order on time does Decent Aluminium& Glass TR CO. L.L.C believes in keeping good ties with its customers.