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Can roller shutters be opened from the outside?

Of course, it is possible for a person standing in front of rolling shutters to open and close these. The specific way in which the product works differs according to the technology used in it. That is to say, manually operated shutters differ from motorized shutters with regard to operation. The manual product operation involves pulling a chain up or down, whereas compatible motors are installed for motorized roller shutter operation. The operator should be able to reach the chain to operate manual rolling shutters. Conversely, electric rolling shutters have buttons in easily accessible areas. To learn more about how the product works, you may contact rolling shutter door suppliers in UAE as well. The nation has several suppliers with manual and motorized rolling shutter options. If you want the electric option, consider contacting automatic sliding doors suppliers in UAE market.

Can roller shutters be installed upside down?

There are roller shutters in different materials and styles to suit different projects and openings. Reverse roll installation is possible, and it will not impact how your rolling shutter curtain looks. It is possible to manufacture tapered bottom tracks to fit the opening operation, but keep in mind that there are potential limitations in this regard. Contact rolling shutter door suppliers in UAE in the event of requiring reverse installation. You may have some idea about how the product works, but numerous parts go into its working. To know more about those details, feel free to approach any automatic sliding doors suppliers in UAE as well.

Do roller shutters need power?

Not every roller shutter installation requires electric energy for operation. It is obvious that this form of energy is required for electrical shutter operation. On the other hand, a winder or crank is turned by hand to open or close a manual rolling shutter. There are rolling shutter door suppliers in UAE that carry both manual and electrical options. Both types of shutters have several features, knowing which can help you with the purchase decision. To make the decision easier, you may seek the help of automatic sliding doors suppliers in UAE too.

Are roller shutters safe in a fire?

When concerned about the fire safety aspect of your UAE building, you might prefer fire shutters over standard roller shutters. The former shutter will remain open in normal situations as well as will close automatically if a fire occurs. This way, it will help to keep fire in one part of that property from spreading to another. This way, it allows people indoors to evacuate the property with the maximum speed. There are rolling shutter door suppliers in UAE that deal in these products with advanced technology for fire safety. It is also possible to integrate the shutter with contactless entrance control measures such as facial recognition and so forth. To know more about it and its features, do not hesitate to get in touch with automatic sliding doors suppliers in UAE.

Are roller shutters safe to operate?

To cut the long story short, operating all rolling shutter types is usually safe. That said, you can choose to have additional safety features after making the purchase from rolling shutter door suppliers in UAE too. For instance, it is possible to equip the shutters with door sensors and safety bottom bars to enable automated closing with no constant physical contact with their controls. You may approach any automatic sliding doors suppliers in UAE for more information about these additional safety features of the product.

How long does it take to install a roller shutter?

Rolling shutter door suppliers in UAE can perform the installation in a way that does not compromise your site security. It is possible to install a rolling shutter during a usual working day. However, we recognize that your question pertains to the length of time from your first consultation with automatic sliding doors suppliers in UAE to the final installation. Rolling shutter installation time can vary according to numerous factors, including weather and location, but it usually takes up to 6 weeks or so from that initial consultation.

How often do I need to have my doors serviced?

Getting your rolling door serviced regularly can help to save you much money and prolong the product’s life. Any rolling shutter door suppliers in UAE worth their salt should be able to tell you this. Servicing your shutters as frequently as possible can help to detect likely faults early and prevent losses in the future. In any case, you should get the servicing done at least twice a year. As one of the automatic sliding doors suppliers in UAE, we are responsible to tell you this much.

Do you maintain and fix older roller shutter installations?

If you wish, it is possible to remove the old door from your site and dispose of the product. There are several rolling shutter door suppliers in UAE that perform the above-mentioned task. Removing the old product becomes essential when you want to replace it with a new rolling shutter. Therefore, automatic sliding doors suppliers in UAE can also help you with this.

What Automation Products Do You Use?

There is an array of automatic doors available in the market, including revolving doors, sliding or swinging doors. We are among the automatic sliding doors suppliers in UAE market, and we ensure that all models in our line comply with UAE safety regulations. Besides the doors, some level of automation can be integrated into even rolling shutter doors.

What Are the Power Requirements For The Automatic Doors?

There are automatic doors that come with a backup power supply option. The feature offers the continuous operation of the door for a specific amount of time with no power requirement. To know more about the requirements, feel free to contact automatic sliding doors suppliers in UAE as well.

How long should an automatic Sliding door stay open?

It stays open from 2 to 3 seconds or so. Nevertheless, the automatic length of time for this door is adjustable. This way, it helps ensure an appropriate safety level for users, especially for people with disabilities. Contact automatic sliding doors suppliers in UAE to know more.

Do automatic doors need electricity?

To cut the long story short, yes. The door’s auto operator component powers a motor in the unit with electricity to open it. For your information, that component is also known as an auto opener. It slowly opens the automatic door; should the door bump into anything as it swings open, it could stop and then reverse its swing motion. For more information on how it works, never hesitate to contact automatic sliding doors suppliers in UAE too.